Hello my present and future friends. My name is Mario McIntosh and at the time of this post, I am 33 years old. I am currently an Accounting major (3.7 gpa) at Colorado Technical University and I love it. My favorite subjects have all been my Math subjects because I destroy Math, meaning that I am good at, in case you didn’t get my idiom.

As far as the things that I like are concerned, I like small kittens despite not owning one since I think the critters are cute. I enjoy technology, receiving and reading the Word, discussing life lessons, and watching movies/TV. I also enjoy the small things that people tend to take for granted such as a friendship, family, a good meal, and a nice sunny day.

I currently reside in Oxford, Mississippi, home of the Ole Miss Rebels,  but I am originally from Webb, Mississippi, a small town located in the Mississippi Delta. I attend University of Life Church, located on the campus of Ole Miss so I invite you all to come and receive The Word. I promise you that you will never forget your experience.

This year has been one of the worst years of my life. However, it has also been my best year. As far as the bad is concerned, I am and have always been the kind of person who have had a steel will. This is one of the most important things that you can obtain in your life, the mental strength to overcome obstacles and faith in God that everything will be fine! One of life’s main purposes is to teach us.

The purpose of this blog is to allow others to learn a bit more about me and to spread my knowledge and understanding on different topics that are affecting my life and the world. Some of these topics are going to be controversial things. I am sure that you all know what I am talking about, the things that put others out of their comfort zones or make them doubt themselves.

My topics will include things such as my personal experiences, religion, motivation, life lessons, technology, education, love, family, and product reviews. I will also be doing weekly special reader’s requests blogs, while giving them a shout out, so be on the lookout for those.  Expect great posts semi-daily (every other day). I am looking forward to sharing with you. I will be sharing my links to my Facebook, Twitter, and my email on my contact information in the contacts tab.  Be blessed my friends!!!!